What Is MVHR?

MVHR is an abbreviation of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery and its become increasingly popular in airtight new build properties. Where airtight insulation is installed, the escape routes for moist air can be limited and that’s the reason for adding ventilation to the home. Mechanical ventilation is now the modern approach to maintaining energy efficiency and heat retention whilst allowing moisture-laden air to escape to the property whilst drawing in fresh external air.

MVHR Eliminates Mould And Condensation

Older homes were built to ensure good ventilation was prevalent year round. From the cavities in wall layers to the eaves of loft spaces, the airflow around older homes has never been an issue. As the focus has switched to insulation over the last 10 years, especially as energy costs have risen, older properties are becoming better sealed and less able to implement natural air changes within the home. Airtight insulation will definitely save money on energy costs but without mechanical ventilation, the air quality within the property may suffer. It is important that interstitial condensation can escape from homes – this is the moisture in the air that accumulates from everyday tasks like taking a shower, boiling the kettle and even from breathing. Mechanical ventilation will enable air changes within the home, therefore releasing the stale, moist air whilst drawing in fresh, filtered air. This air exchange process will eliminate damp and mould making your home healthier.

MVHR Reduces Pollutants Within The Home

MVHR is a fantastic way to reduce the impacts of pollutants, pollen and viruses within the home. As the incoming fresh air is filtered, allergy and asthma symptoms can be reduced whilst those suffering from bronchitis, rhinitis, hay-fever and obstructive pulmonary disease. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are twice as likely to be present in the home than outside and they can be found in everyday household products. MVHR can help to extract the fumes from cleaning fluids and aerosol sprays to ensure your home is kept healthy. The impact of extracting pollutants whilst driving in fresh, filtered air can help to make you and your home noticeably healthier. MVHR has been known to substantially improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic respiratory illness.


MVHR Delivers Energy Savings

With up to 95% of the waste heat from your home recovered by MVHR, it can make a tangible difference to the cost of heating your home. Heat from within the home passes through a heat exchanger and is extracted from the exiting air. As the fresh, filtered air passes into the heat exchanger, the fresh air is heated and enters the home at up to 95% of the warmth that was trying to escape the home. During summer months, MVHR can assist with the movement of hot stagnant air from within the home. It is not an air conditioning system and may require a summer bypass facility to avoid fresh filtered air from being heated in the heat exchanger. In any event, whether summer or winter, MVHR will never heat the air to a greater temperature that already exists in the house and this is why the systems are extremely cheap to run.

Is MVHR Right For My Home?

MVHR can be installed into existing homes but due to the level of ducting required, it’s often difficult to retrofit it to its maximum potential. With new build and self build homes being built to airtight and sometimes passive standards, MVHR is an important ally of airtight insulation. As regulations becoming increasingly stringent, MVHR is classified as a System 4 solution for Ventilation Requirements. The beauty of choosing MVHR for your new build home is that it can be designed to provide its benefits to all the major living areas of the home. This means that you can enjoy the impact of fresh, filtered and heat recovered air no matter what room you’re in. It also negates the need for trickle vents on windows and extractor fans within bathrooms. With a price range of between £1000 and £5000 for the average UK home, the cost of an MVHR can be recovered by the recycled heat loss, the ongoing protection it will provide for the building fabric and also the health benefits it can have on your life.


It’s a sizeable initial investment but when MVHR is installed into a new home, it can provide lifelong rewards that immeasurably improve the health of you and your home. With a future of low carbon energy and healthier living, MVHR is a low cost solution that helps to provide year round ambience. Our ventilation experts are approved by the NICEIC as competent persons and our installers are accredited to provide compliant MVHR installations that consider a “whole house” living environment.

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