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Residential, Cornwall


Residential, Cornwall

Ken approached ThermoProtect after seeing our advertisment in the Cornwall Living magazine.  Upon survey, we found Ken to have an incredible riverside bungallow that suffered from excessive solar gain in the summer and winter heat loss.  His property also suffered from cold wind intrusion in colder months which, as a bungallow structure, allowed cold air to sink into the property very easily.

After a few weeks of deliberation, Ken finally decided to proceed with the install and has since experienced a much cooler summer and warmer winter.  The Open Cell Insulation has been a fantastic barrier to keep the warm in the property and the cold air out and Ken has left us a glowing testimonial to signify his delight that he proceeded with the install.  He has a dry and warm loft space where he stores valuable items and paperwork, therefore, it was essential for him to protect those belongings and make full use of the loft space available to him.

Another happy customer who has recommended us to friends and family and enjoys the benefit of our cash back referral scheme