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Factory, Watford


Factory, Watford

We were approached by the management company for a large storage warehouse/factory in Watford that was suffering from significant heat loss as a result of a thin corrugated tin roof.  In winter months, the building was subject to condensation where cold temperatures from outside the building were combining with the heat rising and escaping from the building at the dew point on the roof surface.

In difficult circumstances with many obstacles in the way, including a suspended ceiling, ThermoProtect were able to spray apply a 50mm coating of closed cell Polyurethane Insulation.  The property in question was experiencing a worryingly low EPC rating, partly driven by a lack of insulation and following our successful install, the Commercial EPC assessor has agreed that the changes made have helped the property to achieve compliance with new Government legislation coming into force on 1st April 2018 where commercial buildings have to achieve a minimum EPC Rating of an E.

The winter is often a period of time where a commercial building with a metal structure roof will suffer from significant condensation issues, especially if the building is heated from within.  Our experienced team of Foam Master applicators have many years’ experience in spray applying closed cell polyurethane insulation to the structure.  The spray applied method on installing insulation is particularly beneficial to those properties with corrugated roof sections due to the ability of the polyurethane foam insulation to adhere to every element of the surface to create and airtight thermal barrier.  We have come across many commercial factories and warehouse who have attempted to solve their insulation and condensation issues by fitting sheets of rigid PIR such as Celotex.  Whilst in theory, these are fantastic products, it is their inability to adhere to the corrugated area of a roof that could continue to present a build-up of moisture in the corrugated pockets, contributing towards the degradation of the roof and additional pressure on the fitted insulation to act as a barrier against water ingress.

Furthermore, a spray applied insulation solution is quick, can significantly reduce downtime and provides a long term seamless thermal barrier, guaranteed for 20 years with a life expectancy to match that of the building.