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Residential, Cornwall


Residential, Cornwall

Mr Pearce contacted ThermoProtect to find out if our Polyurethane Spray Foam solution would speed up his New Build process which had fallen behind schedule.  Mr Pearce’s builders were busy with the second fix work inside the property and faced several weeks of cutting Celotex to size in order to inslulate internal walls and the loft space.  ThermoProtect were able to provide Mr Pearce with a rapid solution that meant we could access the property and spend just 4 hours insulating the entire loft space to an air-tight standard.

Not only did this installation have to provide a high standard insulative barrier but also provide a seamless airtight barrier between the old section of the house and the new build extension.  In order to add structural integrity to the old roof slates we applied a laminate card system to protect the slates from the foasm whilst spray a low density Closed Cell PolyUrethan in between the rafters to a depth of 50mm.  For the new build section, we sprayed a 100mm thickness of Open Cell PolyUrethane.  With the property located in close proximity to the A30 dual carriageway, Mr Pearce commented that the insulation had also provided a significant reduction of noise from passing traffic, meaning that there were multi benefits of the ThermoProtect installation.

Mr Pearce’s builder has requested further details from ThermoProtect so that he can specificy the insulation into future projects that he works on