Construction, London - ThermoProtect
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Construction, London


Construction, London

Ecore Construction are a London based construction company, appointed to undertake a large project in south Cornwall.  The project comprised of the renovation of an existing home, extending the existing foot print whilst constructing additional outbuildings.

With limitations on budget, ThermoProtect were able to specify open cell spray insulation as an alternative to the original specification of Celotex and this proved to be a like for like price.  The benefits to Ecore Construction came with the rapid installation that ThermoProtect were able to provide which were around 10 times quicker than the process of cutting and fitting Celotex sheets.   This enabled the build to be completed ahead of schedule and our installation of Lapolla Open Cell was applied to the timber frame walls and roof space.

The U Values that the build had to achieve were exceeded by ThermoProtect and the additional air tightness that a spray applied liquid PolyUrethane can achieve resulted in an impressive finish.

ThermoProtect remain in touch with Ecore Construction for what we hope will be an ongoing relationship.