ThermoGrant Vouchers

The Government backed Green Homes Grant Scheme has come to an end as of 31st March 2021. On 1st April 2021 we launched the new ThermoGrant which entitles every homeowner to a voucher that covers 33% of the insulation costs.

From Pitched Roof, Cavity Wall & Underfloor Insulation, we use Spray Foam Insulation to help give you the best thermal envelope of your property. Our Insulation works in the winter to keep heat within your home and in the summer to help keep the heat out!

We're Approved Installers!

The ThermoGrant fund will only be applicable to registered and accredited installers. 

We’ve now got our Trustmark number having completed our PAS2030:2019 training with the BBA.

With the ThermoGrant scheme now live, we can assist you with the process in order to help you apply for a voucher.

Why Is Insulation Important?

Good insulation in the home is vital in controlling your heating costs, reducing carbon emissions and living in comfort, year round!

Save Up To 45% On Heating Costs

A well insulated home will retain the heat you pay for much more efficiently, saving up to 45% on your heating costs per annum.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

Our environment is important, therefore doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions helps us all to keep our planet in good shape!

Live In Comfort, All Year Round!

Good insulation can help to seal draughts and make your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Pitched Roof Insulation

Choose Spray Foam Insulation to truly make the most of the Green Homes Grant. A premium product at a third of the price!

Floor Insulation

We recommend high performance Spray Foam Insulation only for Underfloor Crawlspaces and Basement Ceilings.

Cavity Wall

Choose from Resin Polystyrene Beads or high performance injected Foam Insulation* not currently available

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Is Spray Foam Insulation A Better Choice?

We offer a wide variety of insulation solutions but we highly recommend foam insulation because it offers the highest performance and is guaranteed to perform for a minimum of 25 Years. 

Although spray foam is generally more expensive due to its premium performance, with the ThermoGrant Part Funding the cost, it’s never been a better time to insulate once and insulate right!


5-Star Trustpilot Reviews

"ThermoHome provided a helpful, friendly quote and booking by email during the lock down. The work was carried out as arranged with social distancing and the result was very good."
Dennis Shill
"We chose ThermoHome for our roof insulation after comparing their prices with other quotes we’d been given. They were sensibly priced, communicated well from start to finish and the spray foam seems to have made a massive difference."
Sam Parnell
"Great product and very professional Installation team, gave us full confidence throughout service, have already recommended and looking forward to having extension insulated later this year top marks 👍"
Paul Shadbolt
"Three large loft areas with tight access. Inspected and measured quickly and job started the following week. All done in a day, the 2 operatives were great, friendly experienced and cracked on. Recommended"
Peter Child

ThermoGrant Funded Insulation - Available Now!

ThermoGrant is contributing up to £5,000 when you invest in “green” measures for your home.

It’s never been a better time to get your home insulated properly and start saving money on your heating bills!

Frequently Asked Questions

With many companies offering insulation and many different choice of insulation type, we’re sure that you have many questions before you make the right choice!

Insulation is important within the home. It helps to prevent the heat from within your home escaping outside and this is particularly critical when you pay for the heat you use like just about all of us! Insulation is commonly thought of as a method of keeping heat in but it can be as equally effective at keeping the heat out of a property on hot summers day. This minimises the use of mechanical/electric fans and air conditioning, further saving money off the cost of utility bills. 

From an environmental perspective, with much of our utilities generated from the burning of fossil fuels, good insulation can also help to reduce carbon emissions and help to protect the planet. All in all, its probably the very first home improvement measure you should consider when investing in your home.

14th July 2020

Depending on your appetite for investment, there are different types of insulation that will perform better than others. We primarily promote the use of Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation, applied between the roof rafters in the loft space. The foam insulation offers an airtight seal of the building envelope and prevents heat escaping whilst eliminating cold draughts entering the property. This creates a single climate within your home and allows you to live in comfort year round.

9th July 2020

The Chancellor of the Exchequer released information on the 8th July 2020 that the government would create a Green Homes Grant, funding up to £5000 per residential property with a contribution of two thirds of the cost of making improvements. This means for every £1 you spend, the Government support you with an extra £2.

For low income homes, the amount available is £10000 and this will cover the full cost of energy efficient improvements. We expect more information to be released over the coming days/weeks and we shall update this page accordingly.

9th July 2020

At this stage, we are awaiting more specific detail about how the Green Homes Grant will work. We understand that the Government will issue vouchers to “eligible” homes in September, although there is no specific set date yet.

It is likely that you will have to apply for the voucher online and that provided your home is eligible, you will be able to use the voucher with any accredited, participating installer.

The vouchers cover insulation and other energy efficient home improvements, such as new double glazing for example. Once you have applied for a voucher, you should be able to find an accredited installer who covers you area.

We do not know how the “eligibility” criteria will be introduced but we do know that the Government have set aside a £2 Billion fund that will cover around 600,000 homes. The scheme will also be applicable to landlords as well as homeowners.

The Green Homes Grant is an entirely new scheme that is different to the Green Deal scheme that was launched under the coalition government, therefore, more details will be released in due course and we shall update you accordingly.

14th July 2020

Even with the Green Homes Grant becoming available, we realise that it may not be possible for every home to afford to take advantage of the scheme. We are working hard to obtain a Consumer Credit Licence from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and we hope to be able to offer finance options before the launch of the Green Homes Grant in September. Whilst we will not be qualified to offer financial advice, we would always recommend that you explore all options when seeking finance in order to arrive at the best deal. Any finance agreements we are able to produce for our customers will be at cost price and we will not add any additional rates of interest or take a commission fee from the lender.

9th July 2020

This is entirely dependent on the type of insulation you choose and the access during install. Generally loft spaces take no more than 3 hours for an install whether you choose between Spray Foam Insulation or Fibre-based Insulation.

Cavity Wall installs are usually subject to dry weather and tend to take 1-2 days maximum and Underfloor, depending on access, will take no more than a day.

Within 1-2 days, we could fully insulate your loft, walls and underfloor void to create a thermal envelope of your home. This will transform your comfort and reduce significant amounts off your heating bills.

Once installed, fibre insulation has the potential to slip, shrink and degrade over time, therefore, we can provide a workmanship and materials guarantee of 5 years only. You should be aware that when you choose a fibre-based insulation material, you should top it up or replace it periodically to ensure that it maintains its performance.

When you choose a premium insulation material such as Spray Foam Insulation, it will last for a minimum 25 years and we provide a guarantee for 25 years as its the maximum guarantee we can offer by law. The reality is that an install of spray foam insulation will last with the life of your property. This applies to loft/roof, cavity wall and underfloor insulation.

All our installs, whether loft, cavity or underfloor come with a separate 10 Year Insurance backed guarantee provided by The Home Improvement Protection Scheme. This offers additional peace of mind.

14th July 2020

Claim Grant Funding Today

Grants will be delivered on a first come, first serve basis and there is a limited fund available from the Government. To ensure you qualify for up to £5000 for green measures in your home, it’s vital that that you start the ball rolling as soon as possible!