SaniTower Dispensers

Robust and durable, the SaniTower offers the best long term solution for UK businesses. 

The 5 Litre capacity of the SaniTower means it requires less topping up and much less management. 

The touch-free dispenser provides the right dosage of hand sanitiser and comes with a drip tray to prevent spillage onto the floor. 

Available in three different models

The ThermoGel SaniTower is perfect for small offices to high traffic uses.             In stock now with a 2-3 day delivery lead time from order.

Battery Mini Tower


Inc. FREE 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser

Wall or desk top mounted, the mini tower offers battery or mains power for ultimate flexibility

Foot Pump Tower


Inc. FREE 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser

Free standing with no requirement for an electric supply, the foot-pump offers an instant setup

Electric Auto Tower


Inc. FREE 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser

Free standing and perfect for the indoor office environment, requires a plug-in electric source

Fast and Effective Touch-Free Dispensing

The free-standing SaniTower is a robust and durable addition to your workspace or high traffic communal areas. This long term solution replaces the need for constant top ups and the use of small plastic bottles which can be damaged or stolen.

SaniTower holds up to 5 litres of hand sanitiser in a locked cabinet within the structure of the machine. The sensor on the machine dispenses the correct dose to minimise wastage and the drip tray prevents spillage onto the floor.

How It Works

When you choose the SaniTower for your business or building, you’re investing in a long-term, minimal hassle and cost-effective solution

Initial Set Up

Whether you choose a foot-pump, battery or electric SaniTower, set-up is simple. There's no requirement to build the tower as it's delivered ready to go instantly!

Fill It Up

There's a vessel in the back of the machine that holds the sanitiser liquid. Simply top-up the vessel and dispense a few doses to prime the lines then you're good to go!

Ongoing Management

There's very little you need to do once you've set up your SaniTower. Keep an eye on stock levels periodically and the rest will take care of itself with little management.

Where To Use The SaniTower?

The SaniTower Electric or Footpump is great for high traffic areas such as pubs, restaurants, office buildings, theatres, cinemas and public communal spaces. 

When foot traffic is high, the SaniTower offers fast and effective sanitiser dosing to keep people on the move with the benefit of a 5 litre storage vessel to minimise top-ups.

Find Out How To Get Your Free SaniTower Or MiniTower!

We know how difficult its been for businesses to source cost-effective and compliant hand sanitiser solutions.
If you are a high-volume user looking for a reliable supply chain, why not consider our monthly contracts where
you get a free SaniTower or MiniTower dispenser? Click below to discuss your requirements!
Hand Sanitiser Dispenser For Hotels
Waiting Room Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Where To Use The MiniTower?

Wall-Mounted or placed on the table-top, the MiniTower is a small, non-intrusive hand sanitiser dispenser that’s perfect for waiting rooms or reception areas in hotels.

Battery or mains electric operated, the MiniTower holds 3 litres of hand sanitiser to prevent constant top ups whilst the stainless steel drip tray prevents wastage and mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many dispensing solutions on the market, we are sure you have some questions about what makes the SaniTower different to the rest! Keep reading our FAQ’s to find out more.

The Foot Pump and Electric Towers hold up to 5 litres which equals 1660 individual doses of hand sanitiser. This makes the SaniTower the best solution for businesses and public spaces with high foot traffic. The Mini Tower holds 3 litres of hand sanitiser which equates to 996 doses of hand sanitiser, perfect for smaller businesses and public spaces with a manageable volume of foot traffic.

Made from stainless steel and with a lockable cabinet, the SaniTower is incredibly low maintenance. The SaniTower range does not require any major cleaning or servicing and can simply be wiped over with a cloth and disinfectant as with any other item of furniture. Built to last, there’s very little that can go wrong with the SaniTower and it requires very little ongoing maintenance.

We recommend our electric version for indoor spaces where there’s a good electric supply and high foot traffic because the machine dispenses a dose every 1.5 seconds from a sensor. For outdoor spaces, the foot pump version will be the best option as it is a standalone solution requiring no power. The table or wall mounted mini towers operate from battery and these can be replaced with ease.

Discuss Your SaniTower Requirements

One size doesn’t always fit all and that’s why we are here to offer you tailored support to ensure that you choose the right option for your business or building.