Spray Foam Insulation For Construction By ThermoProtect Limited
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Spray Foam Insulation

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New Build Property

Spray-Applied Polyurethane is rapidly becoming the choice for new constructions as a result of its speed of application, low thermal conductivity, reduction in wastage and ability to comply with Building Regulations whilst providing an airtight seal of the property.  We are contacted by many small, medium and large construction companies who wish to adopt quicker, less intrusive and more effective ways of insulating, all of whom see the significant benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation in place of more traditional methods such as Rigid PIR, Rockwool or Fibreglass.


Polyurethane Spray Foam comes in two forms, Open-Cell low desity and Closed Cell High Density.  The Open Cell is particularly useful for any soundproofing works but requires a greater depth to achieve the deemed U-Value whilst Closed Cell can achieve a deemed U-Value using a comparative thickness to Rigid PIR Board.

Metal Roof Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is one of the only ways to insulate an existing metal roof.  This high density foam insulation is not only a fantastic insulator, it is also an incredible seamless barrier to eliminate and prevent condensation, a problem that is prevailant for uninsulated metal roofs in low temperatures.  With metal roofs usually corrugated in structure, our closed-cell spray Foam is the very best way to create a seamless thermal barrier where every aspect of the roof is completely coated.


Closed-cell spray foam insulation offers fantastic structural integrity, asset protection and complete encapsulation, also suitable for sealing asbestos roofs to minimise or elimate any health risks.  Subject to external damage from wind and driving rain, metal roofs can be completely sealed from the external elements in the most effective way.  Unlike Rockwool or Celotex, the spray applied method of insulating is not subject to the effects of gravity, therefore, its airtight seal is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years to offer a metal roof, long term stability and performance.

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Boat Insulation

The Marine and Boat Building sector continues to turn to Spray Foam Insulation as a reliable method of providing air-tight thermal performance.  With many boats constructed from steel, spray foam insulation, particularly the closed cell variant, help to provide strong adherence to the substrate.  In cold and wet environments, closed cell insulation can be relied upon to reduce condensation, prevent water ingress (although the product isn’t classified as a waterproofing solution), reduce noise transmission, adhere to the surface in the tightest of places and keep the structure warm and efficient.


From canal boats and fishing trawlers to luxury yachts and sailing boats, spray foam insulation is one of the very best ways to insulate.  Boats of all shapes and sizes usually have curved shells and this can make it hard to obtain a true air-tight insulation solution where traditional types, such as Rockwool or Celotex, are used.

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Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers, similarly to boats and metal roofs, are reasonably difficult to insulate as a result of the corrugated metal walls that can be the protagonist of condensation.  Spray Foam Insulation is a fantastic way to create an airtight thermal barrier of walls, floors and ceilings to prevent heat loss, reduce solar gain and eliminate condensation.  Whether your shipping container is going to be used simply for storage or whether you have a more elaborate project planned, we can assist you every step of the way!


Shipping Container Conversions are ever increasing in popularity, particularly for homes, school class rooms and office spaces.  Spray Foam Insulation is the ideal solution to make the space useable without any future issues that are sometimes caused by using an inferior insulation type.  With ThermoProtect, you can be assured of a dry and warm space.