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Shipping Container, Cornwall


Shipping Container, Cornwall

Mr Gilbert approached ThermoProtect in relation to providing an insulation solution for a shipping container conversion.  With the intention to utilise the newly converted shipping containers for a café/bar, insulating the containers formed an important part of the construction process.  Mr Gilbert has traditionally used sheets of Celotex, fit to the walls of the container, however, the corrugation of the structure meant that the installation of Celotex was timely and it still left the possibility of condensation behind the insulation boards.

ThermoProtect have provided a bespoke solution of Lapolla Closed Cell Insulation which is sprayed directly to the corrugated walls in order to create an insulative airtight barrier and the process, which was completed in just 3 hours, saved enormous amounts of time which led to the project being completed well within the required time frames.

The end result provided Mr Gilbert with an easy process for completing the internal works with the rigid closed cell foam structure providing the platform for surface rendering and painting or the fitting of plasteboard.  As a repeat customer with many projects, we look forward to serving Mr Gilbert in the future.