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Residential, Devon


Residential, Devon

Mr Bird called ThermoProtect in March 2016 to find out more about our range of energy efficient products.  Having come to the realisation that despite having 200mm of Rockwool installed to the floor of his loft space, Mr Bird was still spending too much money on heating his home.  In the summer, Mr Bird found that his home was often unbearably hot and this led to ThermoProtect providing a specification that would help to cool his home in the summer whilst keeping energy costs low in the winter.  Our Lapolla Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation was installed to Mr Bird’s home in March 2016 and since then, he has experienced a more comfortable living environment where the temperature remains ambient depsite the extreme heat experienced of late.

Mr Bird has now offered to provide ThermoProtect with referrals from his friends and neighbours as well as a testimonial to state how happy he is with his ThermoProtect insulation installation.  There are common misconceptions that insulation does not act as a cooling mechanism in the home, however, with Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation, the tangible benefits to an install are two-fold – keeping the home warm in the winter and saving upto 45% on energy costs whilst providing a cooling performance in the summer to prevent heat penetrating the property through the roof.

We are delighted that we could provide a lifelong solution for Mr Bird that is costs effective, provides peace of mind whilst creating a more comfortable living environment