MiniTower – Battery/Electric Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


The MiniTower is a battery/electric powered hand sanitiser dispenser that can be mounted to a wall or can be desk or table mounted. The MiniTower offers fast and reliable dispensing of hand sanitiser and is particularly useful in areas where there is a high usage such as bars, cafe’s. restaurants, reception areas and office spaces. The tower holds a 3 litre vessel of hand sanitiser and dispenses 996 doses of sanitiser before requiring a top up.
The vessel is held in the back of the machine in a locked case which prevents damage and theft of hand sanitiser products. To replenish stock, the hand sanitiser is poured from a 5 litre top up drum straight into the vessel. The stainless steel drip tray prevents the wastage of hand sanitiser and stops sanitising stations from becoming messy, slippery and untidy.
The MiniTower is made from stainless steel casing and is a robust and durable solution that can replace the use of smaller dispensers or bottles that often get broken or lost.
Each MiniTower comes with a Free 5 Litre drum of hand sanitiser with a dispenser tap for easy topping up of the machine.
In stock now, the MiniTower can be dispatched on a 2-3 day delivery.
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Weight 9.95 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 75 cm


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