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Intumescent Fire Protection

We understand the tight timescales of running  a new build construction project. Whether you’re doing a self build or you’re a seasoned construction company, there’s always innovative ways to insulate.

Spray Foam has become one of the most popular ways to insulate and its popularity is a result of its speed of install, airtight performance and recognised compliance with the LABC thanks to its BBA Certification.

Where To Use Intumescent Fire Protection

Structural Steel

All structural steel buildings require fire protection to provide 60, 90 or 120 minutes fire protection. Steel beams and columns are usually coated with an intumescent paint to offer the required protection time.

Structural Timber

Much like structural steel, any structural timber will require fire protection. Intumescent coatings for timber are usually the fastest and most productive way to provide ample protection. Timber should usually be at least 20mm thick and consist of natural compounds rather than manufactured such as Ply or OSB.

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