Exeter Chiefs Choose ThermoGel

Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club were looking for a hand sanitiser set up to get them Covid secure for the re-opening of operations. Despite the club still being closed on matchdays to spectators, the engine room of the club at Sandy Park was just getting staff back to work ready to continue the delayed season. It was vital for the Chiefs that their sanitiser solution was Covid-compliant and that they could rely on a scalable supply-chain. We were delighted to take the bull by the horns and specified a range of systems suitable for the clubs needs. 

Firstly, the communal areas of the conference centre needed dispenser units that could issue rapid doses of sanitiser to passing users.
We specified our own ThermoGel Sanitisation stations for these areas to give a robust, large capacity solution that would withstand the test of time.

The Sanitisation stations are free-standing and make the perfect addition to high traffic areas, with 5 litre capacity to minimise regular top-ups and management.

Then there was the small issue of keeping the playing staff safe! For easy carrying on the go, we designed some carry bags with smaller hand sanitiser bottles which included gels and liquid sprays.
To reduce plastic waste, we recommended our larger 25 litre vessels where bottles could be topped up using a drum tap dispenser.
The end result? A Covid-compliant complete solution that helped to keep the club safe on their return to the season.

Within a matter of days, the ThermoGel team created bespoke labelling for the Sandy Park conference centre and a wide range of sanitiser bottles of all sizes to ensure for an efficient management for the future. The team at Exeter Chiefs were delighted with the input from ThermoGel, hence the smiling face of Head Coach, Rob Baxter!

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