Ventilation Solutions

Better insulated and airtight homes lead to the need for better ventilation provision. Most property in the UK is built with a degree of passive and mechanical ventilation in place but these penetrations can represent air leakage points where heat can escape. Our mechanical ventilation systems range from small single room systems to full house or property systems that can reach passivhaus standards where required. Our expert specifications team are on hand to design, source and install systems that are sized correctly for your property.

Single Room Heat Recovery

HRV’s or Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are generally designed for single room use where damp, mould and condensation may be of issue. They can also be useful for rooms where people spend most of their time with the system filtering fresh air from outside and extracting stale, moist air from within. Installed through the wall in a convenient location, the single room HRV will extract any warm, stale air from within the room, replacing up to 90% of the lost heat into the fresh filtered air that enters the room. They have a low running cost, are generally noise free and can vastly improve the internal air condition.


Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

MVHR systems are becoming increasingly popular in new build and passivhaus properties where the mechanical and vent ducting elements can be designed into the build to have little impact on space and final appearance. These systems  work in conjunction with airtight homes and cost virtually nothing to run. They guarantee continual fresh,  filtered air, can vastly reduce pollutants and viruses to improve health; have good sound attenuation and most of the extracted heat will be repositioned back into the house to make for an extremely thermally efficient

Solar Ventilation Systems

As we strive to make our property better insulated to airtight standards, ventilation provision becomes increasingly important. Good insulation may slow heat loss but it can also prevent naturally occurring interstitial condensation from finding a suitable escape route. Solar Ventilation Systems utilise the power from a solar panel placed on the wall or roof which drives an air ventilation fan. This process pushes fresh, filtered air into the home with the added benefit of being heated from hot air in the solar collector. The systems can be sized to ventilate just one room, a whole house or even commercial property.

Positive Input Ventilation

PIV is similar to the single room heat recovery system with the exception of the heat recovery element. PIV units are traditionally placed in the loft and vented into the landing below. They draw out the stale moist air and introduce a controlled level of fresh, filtered air. For properties without a loft space, there are other PIV solutions that can be positioned in the home and connected to ducting. Comfort heaters can be added to preheat the fresh, filtered air, however, this will require an electrical supply to work and this will have attached running costs unlike the HRV unit which naturally recovers most of the heat loss.

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