Solar Solutions

Taking control of energy generation and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels or power from the grid is becoming a popular choice for homeowners and businesses. Whilst solar powered solutions attract fewer Government-based incentives, recent rises in the cost of energy have very much put these solutions back in vogue. We offer Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Solar Ventilation.

Solar PV

Whether you have a residential property or a large commercial warehouse, our Solar PV solutions are designed to offer the maximum output to reduce your daily electricity costs. Southerly facing roof elevations will generally provide the maximum generation for Solar PV and depending on the roof stability, we can specify light weight systems where needed. With long term warranties available on the hardware, you can be assured of long term peace of mind with up to 25 years. Our install teams are fully MCS Certified and insured.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Solar assisted heat pumps utilise Solar PV panels to extract heat and provide hot water heating that can reach up to 60c. These systems can fulfil the entire hot water heating for the property provided they are sized correctly. A Solar PV Panel is usually located on the roof and absorbs the energy from the sun. This can be more cost effective that standard Thermodynamic heat pumps which still rely on electricity to run. With a SAHP, you can enjoy hot water year round, day and night with low maintenance and more reliability.

Solar Ventilation Systems

As we strive to make our property better insulated to airtight standards, ventilation provision becomes increasingly important. Good insulation may slow heat loss but it can also prevent naturally occurring interstitial condensation from finding a suitable escape route. Solar Ventilation Systems utilise the power from a solar panel placed on the wall or roof which drives an air ventilation fan. This process pushes fresh, filtered air into the home with the added benefit of being heated from hot air in the solar collector. The systems can be sized to ventilate just one room, a whole house or even commercial property.

Solar PV Storage Batteries

Solar storage batteries have come down in price since they were introduced over 5 years ago. These lithium batteries can hold huge volumes of electricity taken directly from a Solar PV array. The benefits of energy storage are vast, reducing your dependence on the grid whilst enable you to use energy generated in daylight hours, during evening peak loading times when electric use may be at its highest. The batteries can be connected to the inverter to filter the electricity before it is used by the property or enters the grid. This can help to minimise your usage of electric from the grid, leaving you with low running costs.

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