Energy Storage Batteries

Energy storage batteries are popular accompaniments to Solar PV, working hand in hand with each other to generate and store energy for later use. Due to Solar PV being generated during daylight hours, it's not always possible to use the full generation of power if there is no one at home drawing any power - this is where energy storage batteries come in to play!

Home Storage Solutions

Lithium storage batteries can provide an extra layer of reliability in times of energy uncertainty. With the ability to be sized to accompany a Solar PV array, or to filter energy from the grid for storage in emergencies such as severe weather events, storage batteries are growing in popularity. Many homeowners across the UK look to reduce their dependence on drawing expensive energy from the grid. Storage batteries can help to achieve energy independence and in certain circumstances, grid-free electricity. With a warranty period of 10 years on average and around 6000 life cycles, they represent a long term investment.

Commercial Charging

If you have a business with a larger Solar PV array or wind turbine power system, our multi-battery solutions can be used to maximise your energy storage capabilities. Stackable battery systems allow easy additions when required and can be networked together to utilise the stored power. Multi-battery systems can also be used to extend the life of the overall battery system by charging and extracting from different modules to ease the burden.

Generate & Charge

Our generate and charge packages are a full system implementation of Solar PV and Battery Storage. Solar PV systems vary in size depending on whether they are installed on a domestic or commercial property. On retro-fit homes, the average system size is usually 4.8KW whereas commercial sized systems can range from tens to hundreds of kilowatts. Battery storage sizing should carefully consider the daylight usage from a Solar PV system – too little storage capacity and you may under utilise daylight energy generation whereas too much storage brings about unnecessary cost. We can analyse peak energy usage to specify the correct system sizing.

Containerised Power Banks

Containerised power banks are gradually beginning to be used as large scale district supply systems to overcome emergency outages in supply or even for disaster zones. A shipping container can hold many hundreds of kilowatts of battery storage hardware and can be mobilised with relative ease. With common occurrences of energy supply interruptions due to storms, containerised power banks can be conveniently located to provide energy to small communities, villages, towns and cities provided there are enough containers!

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