The ThermoProtect Group

We specialise in the supply, installation and distribution of products that … insulation, coatings and chemicals. 

The range of Thermo brands form part of the group structure, which has grown to become one of industry leaders since we started trading in 2015. 

Our range of Spray Foams are perfect for residential, construction, agricultural and commercial projects throughout the UK.

Our home insulation division covers roof, loft, underfloor and cavity wall insulation. We are also part of the Green Homes Grant scheme.

British-made Hand Sanitiser solutions, designed for individual needs as well as bulk business uses. Contains 70% Alcohol content.

We install a wide range of fire proof steel and timber along with waterproof coating solutions for commercial roofs, flooring and tanking.

Providing retail, trade and services for commercial, industrial cleaning alongside disinfection and chemical fogging solutions.

Coming soon, this is our range of PPE and own-branded and promotional apparel for individuals and business customers.

Thermo Journal

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